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Problems of the Natural Nail

Lack of growth many people will say that they cannot grow their nails naturally.  This could be because their nails actually do grow slower than average or it maybe that they just keep breaking or very weak.  There are products on the market that do stimulate natural nail growth that work with the nails natural process to hydrate, strengthen and keep the nail in perfect balance.  You need to look for enzymes and amino acids on the product.

The average rate of growth in 3mm per month, but with bio-stimulant in the product may speed up the rate of growth to 6mm in just 14 days.  Bio-Stimulant can be found in nail growth polish.


DRY NAILSThe natural nail can have problems with dryness just like the skin or hair.  If you are having trouble keeping on polish it could be due to an overly dry nail plate.  Signs of dryness are:

  • the nail is stiff and inflexible
  • the nail has superficial white spots
  • flaking or separation of the layers of the nail plate.

An overly dry nail plate can be caused by excessive use of products designed to prevent chipping.  If the nail is dry and separating it is important to buff out the separations before applying polish or the nail will flake apart and the polish will chip off with the flaking nail.

BRITTLE NAILS:  When the nail is extremely dry it can become very brittle which means that it will break off very easily.  If your nails are already brittle, using a hardening products will only create more problems.

CRACKING Cracking is different from brittleness in that the nail doesn't actually break off it just cracks, usually on the side of the nail where it is under stress.  The most common cause of cracking is incorrect filing.  The natural nail should always be filed from corner to center in one direction on one side then from corner to center in one direction on the other side.  A one directional filing in motion should also be used when filing the nail down from the center.  If a back and forth sawing motion is used to file the natural nail it will create tiny stress breaks in the nail that will lead to cracking.  the back and forth sawing motion of filing should only be used on artificial enhancements.

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